Saturday, June 24, 2006

PRIDE = Matthew Cusick

This Pride Weekend I would like to remind all my brothers and sisters of a man who taught each of us what LGBT PRIDE really means, Matthew Cusick . The former Cirque du Soleil performer who was fired in 2002 for being honest about his own HIV status. A man who should reminds each of us what it truly means to be proud of who we are.

You will forever be my hero Matthew, and below please find how I chose to reponse to the unlawful employment termination of a friend.


November 8th, 2003

Please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Aaron Baldwin and I am the individual who was very politely asked to leave the parking lot of Cirque du Soleil Algeria show, last Thursday night. I guess the CDS staff did not approve of my handing out leaflets to your patrons, in reference to the current allegations of HIV Discrimination (by Cirque du Soleil) against my good friend Matthew Cusick.

Just a few weeks now before World AIDS Day, (December 5th) and on the heels of the 5th year anniversary of the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, I felt it was my moral responsibility to speak out against this alleged injustice. So last Thursday night, on what was a very cold and rainy San Francisco evening, I went down to the Pac Bell Stadium parking lot. It was my hope that the HIV Discrimination leaflets that I had would help inform some of your patrons of the other side of Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil, by your own public admission, chose to terminate Matthew Cusick's employment solely on the basis on his decision to be honest about his HIV status. So the question that I am now compelled to ask is, "did Cirque du Soleil break the law when you did this or were your fears justified?" Although I have no way of intelligently answering this question, as I assume is also the case for yourself, as neither of us has any formal legal training and you have yet to given your day in court.

However I do know how to think for myself, and I know how to read, and I also know how to listen to what my heart tells me. Additionally, I just recently read the 2002 United Nations AIDS report, where it stated that "today the driving forces behind the spread of HIV are the stigma and discrimination of the very disease itself. That the social taboos about discussing sex, the moral judgments that people often place on each other and the stigma too often placed upon People Living with AIDS (PLWA)... are all continuing to drive this hideous disease into hiding. That fear of HIV stigma and discrimination, today often compels an individual to keep their HIV status locked up in some secret closet. That in turn, actually only serves to continue the spread HIV.

However, what you probably do not know is that Matthew Cusick gave up everything he had for the opportunity of fulfilling a lifelong dream of performing with your "great" Cirque du Soleil. That he gave up the two businesses that he had started; in physical training and gymnastic coaching. That he and his lover (whose career would not allow him to move with Matthew to Las Vegas) mutually agreed to end their long term relationship so that Matthew could pursue that dream. That he also left behind his family and a lifetime of friends in Washington D.C., although I would imagine this is often the case for individuals hoping to perform with Cirque.

So I thought you should know that today Matthew Cusick is living in the basement of his mother's home, and he is now without even the means of paying for his own medical care. Medical care that you are aware he may soon one day very desperately need. However Mr. Laliberte, I do not want you to worry about Matthew Cusick, because his friends are making sure that all his medical needs are being met, as he now begins to rebuild his life.

Here in North America there appears to be some growing belief, that we now have the HIV virus under control. But do we really? It is reported that there are currently 1,000,000 Americans and 50,000 Canadians are infected with the HIV virus. Of all the new HIV infections in the North America last year, 51% of then occurred in humans beings under the age of 25, and slightly more than 25% of them are just teenagers. In Canada, 27% of all of the new HIV infections are in people between the ages of 13 to 29. Perhaps this is all some crazy coincidence, but I really don't think so! Education of the facts, and a freedom from unnecessary persecution and discrimination does save lives.

Many of these young human beings who are today becoming infected with HIV, are also fans of the "Circus of the Sun." They are the very same children and young adults who were once sitting on the edges of their chairs (as we all have) while watching the greatest performers in the world. They too have also dreamed that same impossible dream, that one day they might perform for the great Cirque du Soleil.


To date, there has NEVER been even one confirmed case of an HIV infection relating from sports. This includes; football, rugby, basketball, lacrosse, boxing and every other known sport. Sports where not only is blood often spilled, but where it is encouraged and often viewed as a kind of badge of distinction when it happens. I would dare to say, that if there was even one confirmed case of a sports related HIV infection, parents all around the world would be removing their children from all competitive sports programs.

Over the past years, Cirque du Soleil has encouraged it patrons to go out and to "Dream the Impossible Dream." This is exactly what my good friend Matthew Cusick did. His dreams, like all of our dreams, were very precious to him. You see, our dreams make up the very fabric and foundation of our lives, and no one who ever fulfills another dreams... should ever be able to take that dream back!!

I, too, encourage everyone to continue dreaming that impossible dream. However, I would first encourage you to stop and remember the words of some other great dreamers. Dreamers like the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A man who through his words, shared his dream for this world.... in his speech called, "I Have a Dream." Think about how that dream and through his words, he was able to impact the basic human rights of so human beings around the world.

I would also ask you to remember the words of the great Irish writer and poet, George Bernard Shaw. Think about how even today, Shaw's words can still inspire the masses whenever they are quoted: "Some men see things as they are and say, 'Why?' I dream things of that never were and say, 'Why not?' "

Now if the fact about HIV infections during sports and the words of great Dr. King and Mr. Shaw have not caused you to re-think your position, as it relates to Matthew Cusick, then I would ask you to consider these words from the Joe Darion lyrics, from the play "MAN OF LA MANCHA".

To dream the impossible dream,
to fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow,
to run where the brave dare not go...

To fight for the right
without question or pause
to be willing to march into hell...
for a heavenly cause.

Additionally, I would like encourage everyone to continue supporting all the wonderful and talented men and woman, who make up the casts of the amazing productions, that is Cirque du Soleil! This issue of discrimination should not be their burden to carry, for it truly belongs on the shoulders of CDS management.

I thank you for your understanding on this very important issue.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Grandma’s Last Mother's Day Gift

On Mother's Day 1999 my mother had gone to church by herself. She was really missing my grandmother that day, who had only passed the previous February, and she so wished that she could just call her on the phone and wish her a happy Mother's Day. When she first arrived at the church she noticed, next to the alter, a vase full of carnations. During the Mass some children in the church came up to the alter, picked up a flower to took it back to their Mother.

However, my mother was thinking that she probably wouldn't be getting any flowers today, because she was there alone in church. Then she remembered how much she used to love when her own children would make her Mother's Day gifts at school and bring them home. However, sadly she knew that also wouldn't be happening either, as we're all grown up now... and her Mother's Day gifts are now all store bought.

After mass she left church and headed to the store. After she parked the car and became to cross the parking a woman she says, "was around your Grandmother age" came up to her and said, "I have something for you." Without even thinking Mom opened her hand, and the woman placed a double hibiscus flower into the palm of her hand (which was her favorite flower). To say the least Mom was stunned!! Still to this day she claims that she doesn't know who that woman in the parking was (maybe we do), and that she has never seen her again.

Later that day, my sister came over to bring Mom a Mother's Day gift. It was a small wooden box that she had decorated with my niece's Brownie Troop. On the top of the box she had cut out three small hearts, and had placed in pictures of her three children. On bottom of the box she had written "Moms are from the Heavens Above," and on both the front & sides of the box she had painted on tiny flowers. She had also given her a four page handmade card.

So that day she got her flowers and her handmade gift!! So I say, “thank you Grandma, for that last special gift to Mom” (the Hisbicus). Thank you to my sister, for helping to make it an extra special day!!

What started out to be horrible Mother's Day turned into a perfect one, and it will always be a treasured memory for our family. A memory that is so precious, that I am now sharing it with all of you.

Thank you God, for listening that day!! Because I now know that Grandma was!!

I love you Grandma, and I do miss you very much!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


"Remember, remember the fifth of November.
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.
I see no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot."

The new movie V for Vendetta, is it a work of fiction or something else? Is it a plot taken out of some DC/Marvel Comic series, or is it something much more than that?

For more than 10,000 years kings, emperors, presidents, popes, corporate CEOs, and other various members of the wealthy elite have been leading the masses unto their deaths on various battlefields all over our planet; while systematically also increasing their own individual wealth and power. Wealth that affords them the luxury and safety provided by their numerous castles and mansions; despite the fact that the masses continue to grow hungier every day.

An elite body that both distract and pacify the masses, by continually scapegoating various people of color, religion and sexual orientation; teaching the people to not only hate the other side of the battlefield, but those on the other side of the street as well. Forcing them to send their children to inferior educational institutions, where the focused is more about civil obedience and conformity than it is about the teachings of mathematics, literature, world history and science. Keeping the masses ignorant by dumbing-down their culture.

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta, as explained on the official movie website, is set in the not-to-distant future totalitarian controlled United Kingdom. "Telling the story of a young woman named Evey, who is rescued from a life-and-death situation by the masked man known only as “V.” The masked hero launches a series of attacks the various government institutions and its leaders, who have chosen to rule over their public with fear, torture, incarceration, murder, media propaganda; eventually inspiring the masses to rise up and overthrow its own morally bankrupted government.

As Evey comes to uncover the truth about "V’s" mysterious background and dealings, she comes to discover the truth about her own past – emerging as an unlikely ally in “V's” plan to bring freedom and justice back to British society."

The Gunpowder Plot

The cornerstone of “V's” plan involves blowing up the British parliament building on November the 5th. But in proving that sometimes reality is stranger than fiction, as many Brits will likely know, there was an actual plot to blow up the British parliament during the 17th century; and the date was November 5th, 1605.

The Gunpowder Plot was a desperate, but failed attempt by a group of provincial English Catholic aristocracy to kill James I (King of England, Scotland, and Ireland), his family, and many of the Protestant members of the British aristocracy with one single attack; by blowing up the British House of Parliament building during the 1605 annual state opening. The plotters had planned to even abduct the royal children, who were not to be present in parliament that day, as a means of inciting a major revolt in the Midlands.

The aims of the conspirators are frequently compared to those of modern terrorists, however their real aims were nothing short of a total revolution of the British government and the installation of a new Catholic monarch. Far from helping their fellow Catholics avoid religious persecution, the plotters actually put many loyal Catholics in a difficult position. Before this period Catholicism had been associated with Spain and the many evils of the Inquisition, but after the plot it was largely believed to be treasonous just for being a Catholic.

British & American

What many British and American citizens are likely to not be aware of is the fact that former United States President George Herbert Walker, as well as his wife Barbara (Pierce) Bush, are both descendants of Thomas Percy, one of the main players behind the Gunpowder Plot. A family that so came to fear retailation from King James I, they changed their last name from Percy to Pierce and fled England for America. Making the current US President George W. Bush a direct descendant of Thomas Percy on both his father’s and mother’s sides of the family. In fact the Bush/Pierce family ancestry can be traced back to almost every royal family within Europe, as detailed in Burke's Peerage.

The Central Question

The central question in V for Vendetta begs you to ask yourself "is this guy right, or is he completely and totally mad? What do you, the viewer, think about this? Which struck me as an anarchist approach. Although the movie doesn’t tell you directly what we should think, it does begs us to think; and to consider that some of these admittedly extreme little elements like fear, torture, incarceration, government murder and media-controlled propaganda have been recurring themes throughout human history. History also shows us that the masses do have their limits and will revolt if pushed too far, and for that reason only the "people should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

"America was profoundly changed after the September 11 attacks. We went from a country motivated by hope to a country controlled by fear. For the last several years, feeling neither safe nor secure, Americans have lived in extreme anxiety of another impending terrorist attack. I think that as a result, most Americans sought out their faith and reaffirmed their conviction in God. President Bush and the Religious Right's greatest political weapon has been perpetuating fear. Because of the heightened climate of anxiety coupled with religious fervor, they have been successful in stripping Americans of their personal freedoms, suppressing dissent and winning elections based on moral values.

I also think the unfathomable fear of being a victim of another terrorist attack has allowed for the crumbling of the wall between church and state, which is a vital part of our historical, legal and political heritage. By allowing personal religious beliefs to infiltrate our political framework, we have enabled this administration to wage a war on women's reproductive rights, squelch scientific advancement, take away our freedom of speech and fill important positions within government and possibly the nation's highest courts with religious extremists.

We must not let fear cripple our democracy."

Barbra Streisand
Winner of 2 Oscars, 6 Emmys, 11 Golden Globes, 10 Grammys,
a Tony, and countless additional awards

April 28, 2005

Additional Source:

US Presidential Address to a Joint Session of the United States Congress and the American People - September 2001

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Hear the message in the words of this great Illinois man!

"Wise statesmen as they were, they knew the tendency of prosperity to breed tyrants, and so they established these great self-evident truths, that when in the distant future some man, some faction, some interest, should set up the doctrine
that none but rich men, or none but white men, were entitled to life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness, their posterity might look up again to the Declaration of Independence and take courage
to renew the battle which their fathers began...."

America’s Greatest President - Abraham Lincoln
During his 1858 debate with Stephen A. Douglas

As many of you are already aware, I was the co-organizer of Matthew Cusick's (a Gay Games Champion) protest campaign against Cirque de Soleil for HIV discrimination. However, it is with the memory of my cousins Roger Nash Baldwin (ACLU Founder & former Executive Director) that I now call upon the GLBT community (and all Americans) to take a stand against the great civil injustice now spreading across our country; and in fact around the world. Because surely if taxpaying Americans can now be denied access to public facilities, separate water foundations and the back of the bus can not be to far off in our future.

But first let me take you back to another place and another time.

1972 Munich Olympics

The Olympics have returned to Germany for the first time since 1936, when Nazism was just starting to hit its stride. Adolph Hitler hoped to use the Olympic Games as a platform to show off and promote the "superiority" of his new Aryan race.

Most Germans had hoped that those Munich Olympics would in some way help to heal the racial wounds caused during the Nazi Holocaust. However, the world was even then still a rife with much political unrest. The Vietnam War raged on, racial tensions throughout the United States persisted, and violence littered the Middle East. The German president Gustav Heinemann welcomed the Olympics as "a milestone on the road to a new way of life with the aim of realizing peaceful coexistence among peoples."

On the morning of September 5, 1972; with just six days left in the Games, the worst tragedy in history of the Olympic Games hit. Eight Palestinian terrorists stormed the Olympic village and raided the apartment building housing the Israeli athletes. Two Israeli athletes were killed and nine more were seized as hostages. The terrorists demanded the release of over 200 Palestinians then serving time in Israeli jails, along with two additional renowned German terrorists.

After a day of unsuccessful negotiations, the terrorists collected the hostages and headed for a military airport in Munich; for a flight that would have taken them back to the Middle East. At the airport, German sharpshooters opened fire, killing three of the Palestinians. An all out gun battle ensued, claiming the lives of all nine of the Israeli hostages, along with one German policeman and two of the terrorists.

2006 Chicago Gay Games

The world is still a rife with political unrest. The Iraqi War rages on, homophobic tensions throughout the United States persist and grow, and violence now still litters the Middle East.

The Crystal Lake Park District Commission has met and rejected the request of the Gay Games Organizing Committee's to hold a rowing competition in a public park. The Park Commissioner & Treasurer David Phelps tells the Chicago Tribune "I do not believe the Crystal Lake Park District should be [used as] a vehicle for the promotion of an agenda." However, Mr. Phelps fails to point out what political agenda he's referring to.

However, one Crystal Lake resident even went as far as to say that "homosexuality is contrary and detrimental" to traditional family values. However, a Unitarian minister named Rev. Dan Larson told the park commissioners the event should be approved, claiming that "everyone has a right to row their boat." Even the Catholic Church says that homosexuality is not a sin, nor is homosexuality against the laws of the State of Illinois or the United States of America.

Crystal Lake Park Commissioner Phelps, and the residents of Crystal Lake City believe the Gay Games are more about politics than they are about athletics, and their actions prove that some residents are prepared to use the Gay Games as a venue to forward their own political agenda. These taxpaying Americans members of Gay Games organizing committee applied for a permit to host an international rowing competition, not a permit to hold an orgy in a public park. Yet Crystal Lake allows the public access to the lake, via venues like the Crystal Lake Rowing Club and the Water Ski Association. (see below)

So Who Is Crystal Lake?

Before the Great American Depression hit, several Crystal Lake residents then concerned about public access to the lake formed the Crystal Lake Park District, which condemned 22 acres for the Main Beach and the park west of the beach. However the original condemnation did not include the bottom of the lake, and this would cause legal consternation for decades.

In 2000 the population of Crystal Lake was just about 38,000, 94.1% Caucasian (almost 40% above the state average of 75.1%), 0.06% African American (almost 98% below the state average of 15.1%) and 2.0% Asian American (almost 32% below the state average of 3.2%). Clearly homosexuals are not the only minority not welcome in the city of Crystal Lake. (click on the URL in "Who Is Crystal Lake? above)

Over the last several years the the lake area has become increasingly crowded, the city of Crystal Lake, the Crystal Lake Park District, the village of Lakewood, and a lakeshore property owners group continued to contest the lake's ownership and control. To alleviate the problem, the city of Crystal Lake devised a plan to create a lake from a large gravel pit on the southeast side of the city for public recreational use, essentially stealing the area originally set aside before the depression.

This is where our legal challenge has some teeth, this where we must make its stance! We simply want access to those 22 acres that were originally set aside for use by the public, and we do not care who owns the bottom of the lake; as we intend to only use the surface of the lake! We want the same access that it afforded to other member of the public, because we are law abiding and tax paying Americans!

Reminiscent of those 1972 Summer Olympics, again it is not the athletes pushing their own political agenda…but the political agenda of the bigots being pushed. In the memory of all of the homosexuals murdered in the Nazi concentration camps, and the nine Israeli Olympics athletes that were slaughtered at that Munich Airport by terrorists, as well all of the GLBT human beings persecuted around the world; we must now stand up and make a stand. It is what we do, because it is what America used to be all about!

Racism and bigotry does not lead to elitism, elitism breeds racism and bigotry; or at least delusions of elitism does!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Roger Sherman, Yale and Skull & Bones

As the world came to learn during the last American presidential election, one of the most powerful secret societies on the planet is based on the Yale University campus in New Haven, Connecticut. This secret society of Skull and Bones was founded back in 1832 by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft. (Taft is the patriarch of the Ohio political family and the father of former US President & US Supreme Court Chief Justice William Howard Taft (S&B 1878)).

During the 2004 election, the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates were Yale Bonesmen alumni, (John Kerry S&B -1967 and George W. Bush S&B- 1968 respectively); as were many of their ancestors. Republican Vice President Richard "Dick" Bruce Cheney also comes from one of the largest Bonesmen families.

So who’s the largest family of Yale Skull & Bones members? Kris Millegan, in his book "Fleshing Out Skull & Bones" we learned that it was believed that the Smith family (of Federal Express) was the largest family with fifteen (15) Bonesmen.

Millegan's data shows that certain families have been very well represented, and happen to be related to individual's like Vice President Dick Cheney, Ohio Governor Bob Taft, and the US President George Walker Bush. For an example, the largest known Skull and Bones families with at least 10+ members are:

* Smith (15) (Federal Express)
* Walker (15) (President Bush's Missouri/Illinois relatives)
* Allen (13) (Politics & Investments)
* Brown (13) (Brown Brothers Harriman, Alex Brown & Brothers)
* Clark (12)
* White (12) (Attorneys in New Haven and New York City)
* Day (11) (The Hartford Courant & The Thacher School)
* Johnson (11)
* Jones (11)
* Miller (11)
* Stewart (11)
* Thompson (11)
* Cheney (10) (Silk manufacturers)
* Taft (10) (Ohio political family)
* Williams (10) (Politics & Investments)

For those who are not aware of who Roger Sherman was, Sherman was the only American citizen to sign (while also helping to draft) all of the founding documents of the United States of America; the Declaration of 1774, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the United States Constitution.

Roger Sherman

Roger Sherman's father William Sherman first marriage was to Rebecca (Hilton) Cutler on 15 July 1714, who died several months later in early 1715. Sherman then married the mother of Roger, Methitable (Sweetman) Wellington on 15 Sept 1715 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Rebecca Cutler was the daughter of Rev. Timothy (Winswall) Cutler (Harvard - 1701). Rev. Cutler was the first rector of The Collegiate School (later renamed Yale College), who resigned with several tutors in 1722 under great controversy after converting to the Anglican Church faith. One of those young tutors was the Rev. Samuel Johnson, (Collegiate - 1714). Rev. Cutler, Johnson and David Browne's resignation begins the period known throughout New England as the first "Great Awakening."

Many years later Rev. Samuel Johnson assumed the Presidency of King’s College, which is now called Columbia University. Rev. Johnson’s son was the Hon. William Samuel Johnson, who served along side Roger Sherman for almost his entire political career. Both men represented Connecticut in the first U.S. Congress; as state delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention, and the state's Ratification Convention in 1788. Sherman was appointed to fill Johnson s seat in the United States Senate in 1791, when Johnson resigned to become President of Columbia College; which is now Columbia University.

In 1761 Roger Sherman abandoned his law practice and sold his various businesses, moving to New Haven where he operated two stores that catered to Yale students. He soon became both a friend and benefactor of Yale, serving as the college's treasurer (1765-76), and contributing to the construction of its chapel (which was endowed by Roger Sherman's great-nephew Joseph Battell, along with the music department). Sherman's commitment to the school had earned him an honorary master's degree in 1768.

Of Roger Sherman's sons, John Sherman, William Sherman and Roger Sherman, Jr. all graduated from Yale; and all of Sherman's daughters married Yale alumni except his youngest Sarah. Chloe Sherman married Dr. John Skinner (Yale-1773), Mehitable married the Rev. Jeremiah Evarts (Yale-1802), both Rebecca and Elizabeth were married the Hon. Simeon Baldwin (Yale-1781), and Martha married Yale College President Rev. Jeremiah Day (Yale-1756). President Day's great-nephew Charles Seymour (S&B 1905) was president of Yale from 1937-1951.

Sherman’s great-granddaughter, Jane Wakeman (Skinner) Dwight, married Yale President Timothy Dwight V, who was the nephew of Yale President Theodore Dwight Woolsey and the grandson Yale President Timothy Dwight IV. Dwight (S&B 1841) was also the first Bonesmen to serve as president of the university.

Descendants of Roger Sherman

• 1. Roger Sherman Baldwin, Jr. (S&B 1847) - the son of US Senator & Governor of the State of Connecticut Roger Sherman (Yale 1811)& Emily Perkins Baldwin (Roger Sherman Baldwin, Sr. 3, Rebecca Sherman 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 2. Simeon Eben Baldwin (S&B 1861) - Chief Justice Supreme Court & Governor of the State of Connecticut and a Yale Professor of Law for 47 years. He left an endowment of $500,000 to the Yale Law School when he died. Simeon Eben was the son of Roger Sherman & Emily Perkins Baldwin. (Roger Sherman Baldwin, Sr. 3, Rebecca Sherman 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 3. George William Baldwin (S&B 1853) - Attorney and son of Governor Roger Sherman Baldwin Sr. (Yale 1811), he was badly wounded having both legs broken by the fall of his horse down an embankment in Dec 1861 at The Battle of Fredericksburg (Roger Sherman Baldwin, Sr. 3, Rebecca Sherman 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 4. Henry DeForest Baldwin (S&B 1885) - President of the Queens County Water Company; Partner, Lord, Day & Lord; founding member of CFR, Chairman, Peoples Institute (Simeon Baldwin, III 3, Rebecca Sherman 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 5. Sherman Baldwin (S&B 1919) - Author and great-grandson of Roger Sherman (Henry DeForest Baldwin4, Simeon Baldwin, III 3, Rebecca Sherman 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 6. William Maxwell Evarts (S&B 1837) - US Senator (R-NY), US Secretary of State and US Attorney General (Mehitabel Sherman2, Roger Sherman1)
• 7. Maxwell Evarts (S&B 1884) - General Counsel to E.H. Harriman, Southern Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad, and a delegate to the New York State Constitutional Convention in 1867 (William Maxwell Evarts3, Mehitabel Sherman2, Roger Sherman1)
• 8. Sherman Evarts (S&B 1881) - Attorney with Evarts Choate & Beaman, Evarts & Moffat and Trustee, Windsor Public Library (William Maxwell Evarts3, Mehitabel Sherman2, Roger Sherman1)
• 9. Dwight Foster, Jr. (S&B 1848) - Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court & Attorney General of the State of Massachusetts. He married Henrietta Perkins Baldwin (Roger Sherman Baldwin, Sr. 3, Rebecca Sherman 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 10. Reginald Foster (S&B 1884) - Attorney and great-grandson of Roger Sherman (Henrietta Perkins Baldwin 4, Roger Sherman Baldwin, Sr. 3, Rebecca Sherman 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 11. Roger Sherman Baldwin Foster (S&B 1878) - Professor of Federal Jurisprudence, Yale University School of Law (son of Dwight Foster, Jr. S&B 1847) (Henrietta Perkins Baldwin 4, Roger Sherman Baldwin, Sr. 3, Rebecca Sherman 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 12. Maxwell Evarts Foster (S&B 1923) - Director of Research for Wendell Willkie's Campaign for the Republican nomination for US President, and a member of the US Board of National Estimates (son of Reginald Foster (S&B 1884) (Reginald Foster 5, Henrietta Perkins (Baldwin) Foster 4, Roger Sherman Baldwin, Sr. 3, Rebecca Sherman 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 13. William Douglas Sloane (S&B 1895) - Chairman of the Board W&J Sloane; Director, Aspen Mining & Smelting Company; Hanover Fire Insurance Company; Union Trust Company*
• 14. Henry Thompson Sloane (S&B 1866) - Treasurer of W&J Sloane (son of William Douglas Sloane) see above. His daughters were Jessie Sloane Dodge Widener (who married William Earl Dodge of the Phelps & Dodge fortune & George Duton Widener Jr.) and Baroness Emilie de le Grange (who married mining aristocrat Baron Amaury De La Grange)
• 15. Thomas Chalmers Sloane (S&B 1868)
• 16. John Douglas Sloane (S&B 1905) - W & J Sloane, Inc (NYC); Trustee, Robert College (Istanbul); Aspen Mining & Smelting Company; Hanover Fire Insurance Company; Union Trust Company, Chairman, National War Work Council. His son married Elizabeth Taylor (Sherman) Sloane.
• 17. Edward Law Baldwin Whitney (S&B 1878) - Assistant US Attorney General and New York Supreme Court Justice (son of Yale professor William Dwight Whitney and the father of Princeton Professor Hassler Whitney) (Elizabeth Wooster (Baldwin) Whitney 4, Roger Sherman Baldwin, Sr. 3, Rebecca Sherman 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 18. James Lyman Whitney (S&B 1856) - Librarian, Boston Public Library (half brother of Josiah Whitney, William Dwight Whitney & Edward Payson Whitney)
• 19. Edward Payson Whitney (S&B 1854) - Disappeared in 1858, (brother of William Dwight Whitney and half brother of Edward Payson Whitney)
• 20. Timothy Dwight V (S&B 1849) - Yale College President Emeritus 1899-1916, President 1886-99 and Acting Treasurer 1886-88, married Sherman's granddaughter Jane Wakeman Skinner (Roger Sherman Skinner 3, Chloe Sherman 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 21. Winthrop Edwards Dwight (S&B 1893) - Fellow, Timothy Dwight College & son of Yale President Timothy Dwight V (S&B 1849) (Jane Wakeman (Skinner) Dwight 4, Roger Sherman Skinner 3, Chloe Sherman 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 22. Emerson Cogswell Whitney (S&B 1851) - Second cousin of Yale professor William Dwight Whitney, who married Sherman's granddaughter Elizabeth Wooster (Baldwin) Whitney
• 23. William Collins Whitney (S&B 1863) - US President Cleveland's U.S. Secretary of War
• 24. Harry Payne Whitney (S&B 1894) - Investment Banker, Guarantee Trust Company; Metropolitan Opera & Real Estate Company; Eastern Steel Company; Fulton Chain Railway Company; Fulton Navigation Company; Raquette Lake Railway Company; Inherited Shares in Consolidated Tobacco Company, Electric Vehicle Company, etc. He married Gertrude Vanderbilt
• 25. Chancey Mitchell Depew (S&B 1856) U.S. Senator and Chairman of the Board of Director of the Vanderbilt Railroad System (including the New York, Harlem, Hudson Valley, Central, Erie, Michigan Southern, Michigan Central, Lakeshore, and Canadian Southern Railroads.) He was the great-great nephew of Roger Sherman, who's brother the Rev. Josiah Sherman was Chancey's great-great grandfather.
• 26. Ganson Goodyear Depew (S&B 1919) - great-great-great nephew of Roger Sherman, who's brother Rev. Josiah Sherman was his great-great-great grandfather. Involved with the Vanderbilt Railway System.
• 27. Charles Atwood White (S&B 1854) - He was the greatgrandson of Roger Sherman, who's mother was Sherman's granddaughter Martha Sherman (Martha Sherman3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 28. Henry Dyer White (S&B 1851) - He was the great-grandson of Roger Sherman, who's mother was Sherman's granddaughter Martha Sherman (Martha Sherman3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 29. George Edward White (S&B 1866) - He was the great-grandson of Roger Sherman, who's mother was Sherman's granddaughter Martha Sherman (Martha Sherman3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 30. Roger Sherman White (S&B 1864) - He was the great-grandson of Roger Sherman, who's mother was Sherman's granddaughter Martha Sherman (Martha Sherman3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 31. Oliver Sherman White (S&B 1859) - He was the great-grandson of Roger Sherman, who's mother was Sherman's granddaughter Martha Sherman (Martha Sherman3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 32. George White (S&B 1848)- He was a grandson of Roger Sherman.
• 33. Dr. John Rogers (S&B 1887) - He married Sherman's great-great-granddaughter Elizabeth Selden White. He was a leading doctor in New York City (Charles Atwood White4, Martha Sherman3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 34. Henry Lewis Stimson (S&B 1888) - married Roger Sherman's great-great-granddaughter Mabel Wellington White. He was the U.S. Secretary of War for four (4) U.S. Presidents (Charles Atwood White4, Martha Sherman3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 35. Rev. Henry Albert Stimson (S&B 1865) - the paternal uncle of Henry Lewis Stimson and a corresponding secretary for American Board of Christian Forgein Missionaires (ABCFM)
• 36. William Kent (S&B 1887) - He married daughter of Roger Sherman, Jr. Elizabeth Baldwin Sherman (Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 37. Albert Emmett Kent (S&B 1853) - Father of William Kent (see above) (S&B - 1887)
• 38. Thomas Thacher (S&B 1871) - the founder of Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett LLP and the great-grandson of Roger Sherman (Elizabeth Baldwin Sherman 3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 39. John Seymour Thacher (S&B 1877) - Director of the Dumberton Library at Harvard University and great-grandson of Roger Sherman (Elizabeth Baldwin Sherman 3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 40. Sherman Day Thacher (S&B 1883) - Founder and headmaster of the Thacher School, and the great-grandson of Roger Sherman (Elizabeth Baldwin Sherman 3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 41. William Larned Thacher (S&B 1887) - Assistant Headmaster at the Thacher School and the great-grandson of Roger Sherman (Elizabeth Baldwin Sherman 3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 42. Thomas Anthony Thacher (S&B 1835) - Yale College Professor of Latin and Greek, married two of Sherman's granddaughters. (Elizabeth Sherman Day and Elizabeth Baldwin Sherman)
• 43. Dr. James Kingsley Thacher (S&B 1868) - Professor of Clinical Medicine & Physiology, Yale University Medical School, son of Thomas Anthony Thacher (S&B 1835, who married Sherman great-granddaughter Henrietta Perkins Baldwin Foster (the granddaughter of Connecticut Governor Roger Sherman Baldwin (Yale-1811))
• 44. Thomas Mills Day, Sr. (S&B 1837) - Owner and Publisher of the Hartford Courant, and the nephew of Yale College President Rev. Jeremiah Day
• 45. Thomas Mills Day, Jr. (S&B 1886) - He was the son of Thomas Mills Day, Sr.
• 46. Frederick Roger Sherman (S&B 1836) - Attorney and the son of Roger Sherman's son Roger Sherman, Jr. (Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman1)
• 47. Arthur Pomeroy Day (S&B 1890) - He was the son of Thomas Mills Day
• 48. Clive Day (S&B 1892) - An author, Yale University Professor of Economics and adviser to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace. (He was the son of Thomas Mills Day, Sr.)
• 49. Robert Webster Day (S&B 1875) - He was the proprietor, Hyde Park Hotel and the great-nephew of Yale President Jeremiah Day.
• 50. Charles Seymour (S&B 1908) - Yale President 1937-50, Master of Berkeley College 1933-37 and Provost 1928-37. He was the great-nephew of Yale President Jeremiah Day and great-great-great-great grandson of Yale President Thomas Clap.
• 51. Charles Seymour, Jr. (S&B 1935) - Yale Professor of History of Art and Curator of the Yale University Italian Art Collection, 1939-49.
• 52. Evarts Tracy (S&B 1890) - president of Tracy & Swartwout, architectural firm that worked projects like the George Washington Memorial, he was the nephew of William Maxwell Evarts (Mary Evarts3, Mehitabel Sherman2, Roger Sherman1)
• 53. Henry Champion Deming, Sr. (S&B 1836) - Member, US Congress, 1863-67, Mayor of New Orleans, LA 1862-63, chairman, Committee on Expenditures, US War Department (his grandmother Alice Skinner was the sister of Dr. John Skinner, who married Roger Sherman's daughter Chloe Sherman)
• 54. Henry Champion Deming, Jr. (S&B 1872) - Secretary for the Mercantile Trust Company (son of Henry Champion Deming, Sr.)
• 55. Lawrence (Laurent) Clerc Deming (S&B 1883) - Assistant Secretary, Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad (son of Henry Champion Deming, Sr.)
• 56. Charles Clerc Deming (S&B 1872) - US Journalist (son of Henry Champion Deming Sr.)
• 57. Clarence Deming (S&B 1872) - Member, Connecticut State Legislature 1849-50 and 1859-60; Member, US Congress 1863-67; US Internal Revenue Collector 1869-72 (nephew of Henry C. Deming, Sr.)
• 58. George Herbert Walker Bush (S&B 1947) U.S. President 89-92, U.S. Vice President 81-88; Director, U.S. CIA, 74-75; Chief U.S. Liaison Officer, China, 73-74; Chairman, Republican Party, 73-74; U.S. Ambassador, United Nations, 71-72; President, Chairman of the Board, Zapata Off-Shore Company, 58-66; Member, US Congress, 66-70;
• 59. James Smith Bush (S&B 1922) President, Inter Mundi; Curator, University of Missouri; Managing Director, Export-Import Bank of Washington, D.C., 59-63
• 60. Jonathan James Bush (S&B 1953) CEO & President, Riggs Investment Bank, 98-2004; Chairman of the Board, J. Bush & Company; General Partner, G.H. Walker & Co, 60-70
• 61. Prescott Sheldon Bush (S&B 1917) Member, US Senate R-Connecticut, 52-63; Partner, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, 1930-72, (New York, NY); Vice President W.A. Harriman & Company, 26-30; Director of Pan Am Airways, CBS, Dresser Industries, Inc, Simmons Company, Vanadium Corp of America; Chairman of the Board, Pennsylvania Water & Power Company, US Guarantee Company; Chairman 1942 National Campaign, USO; Treasurer, 1942 National Campaign, Planned Parenthood, President, USGA, 1935; Trustee, Yale University, Member, Yale Corporation, 48-58
• 63 George Walker Bush (S&B 1968) - Governor of Texas and US President
• 64 John Forbes Kerry (S&B 1967) - Former Lt. Governor and current US Senator from Massachusetts
• 65. Dr. William Henry Palmer - (S&B 1864) Valedictorian, College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1866; Professor of Ophthalmology, Cleveland Medical College; a visiting Physician, Cleveland City Hospital (His uncle Benjamin Franklin Palmer married Roger Sherman’s great-great granddaughter Eliza Harriet Hart. (The daughter of Rev. Ira Hart and Maria Sherman)
• 66. Thomas Hooker - (S&B 1869) President, First National Bank (New Haven, CT); and President, New Haven Hospital. His wife was Sarah Bowles, the granddaughter of Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar (see below). (Sarah Bowles 5, Elizabeth Hoar Bowles 4, Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar 3, Sarah Sherman 2, Roger Sherman 1)
• 67. Philip Battell Stewart - (S&B 1886) Trustee of Colorado College, 1900-1953; Baseball Coach, 1902-05. His father was Governor of Vermont and a US Senator. (Emma Battell 5, Philip Battell 4, Joseph Battell 3, William Battell 2, Methetabel Sherman 1)

Special Note: This is not yet believed to be a completed list of Sherman family Bonesmen

So American founding father Roger Sherman (of Connecticut) adds yet another great distinction to his already famous name, the distinction of being the patriarch of the largest American family of the world's most secretive and powerful fraternal society....SKULL & BONES!

Note: Roger Sherman's youngest daughter Sarah married US Representative Samuel Hoar, a Harvard alumni whose grandfather Leonard Hoar had been the President of Harvard College. Sarah and Samuel were the parents of US Senator George Frisbee Hoar and US Attorney General and Massachusetts State Attorney General Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar.

Additional Note: Roger Sherman Baldwin, Sr. (Yale – 1811), married Emily (Pitkin) Perkins nine years after his graduation. Perkins was the great-granddaughter of the first president of Yale College (after its officially changed its name), the Rev. Thomas Clap.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another Presidential Hiring Blunder?

First there was James Dale Guckert, who worked under the pseudonym Jeff Gannon, as a White House press reporter between 2003 and 2005 representing Talon News (owned by the owner of GOPUSA). After Guckert came under public scrutiny, in particular for his lack of a creditable journalism background and his "secret" involvement in his homosexual on-line escort service; using alias name of "Bulldog". Ultimately causing James D. Gukert AKA Jeff Gannon AKA Bulldog to resign the GOP friendly Talon News and the United States White House Press Corp one year ago today.

Then it was reported by TIME Magazine on September 9, 2005, that it had discovered serious inaccuracies and false claims within former FEMA Director Michael D. Brown's (former Undersecretary of Emergency Preparedness and Response (EP&R), a division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)) biography posted on FEMA's and FindLaw's websites.

Now a year to the day that James Dale Gukert AKA Jeff Gannon AKA Bulldog resigned from the White Press Corp, twenty-four year old George C. Deutsch has resigned from his presidential appointment as a public affairs officer at NASA. Apparently Monday's report from Nick Anthis' web blog “The Scientific Activist” proved that Deutsch had also lied on his resume, regarding having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Texas A&M University in 2003. Although Deutsch did attend Texas A&M, he left school in 2004 to work in the “War Room” within the Bush/Cheney reelection campaign.

For those not informed, Deutsch was also under fire recently for trying to squelch and/or alter research coming from NASA agencies. Specifically James Hansen (a NASA climatologist) had recently spoken out against Deutsch, claiming that he had silenced him after Dr. Hansen called upon the U.S. Government to face the scientific facts of global warming; further urging the US government "to make a serious, renewed commitment to the environment."

Under an administration that now wants to tap our phones without a warrant, and to gather a week's worth of web tracking data from Yahoo, AOL and Google...doesn't it seem just a little fishy that they're not even checking the college transcripts of their own employees. That an individual under a false name and with bogus credentials can get into the White House?

Now come America, is there really any wonder how this country got attacked on September 11th, 2001; or how we came to invade a sovereign nation as a result of false national intelligence gathering, or why the U.S. government did nothing as 10s of thousands of American died and Anderson Cooper reported the news from New Orleans.... as FEMA director Michael Brown ate his dinner and went to sleep in Washington D.C. during Hurricane Katrina?

My God America, this administration can not even keep idiots like this out of the the White House…ummmm wait a minute here; perhaps this is nothing more than a little case of the blind leading the blind?

SPECIAL NOTE: To demand an end to the unconstitutional censorship of American scientists, those working at NASA and other Federal agencies, please sign the Environmental Action petition.

Ben at zeroblue76 LiveJournal,
"White House Approves Pass For Blogger" by Katharine Q. Seelye for The New York Times, March 7, 2005
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Climate experts says NASA tried to silence him, New York Times, January 29, 2006, Andrew C. Revkin
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Monday, January 16, 2006



We heard many time, "our American founding fathers had said this...and that our American founding fathers had wanted that;" but have any of these silver spoon sucking politicians actually read the writings of our founding fathers? I've read their written works, and it seems pretty clear to me that many of the politicians currently inside the Washington, D.C. beltway have absolutely no regard or respect for what the American founding fathers wanted. Because if they did understand, they would certainly be alarmed by just how far America has strayed from that road paved with the blood, sweat and tears of our Founding Fathers!


For the purpose of this post, I have chosen the most significant member of all of our American founding father. Roger Sherman was a man who risked everything that he had to form the new and independent government. He was father of fifteen (15), and his commitment to cause of democracy kept his family on the very brink of financial ruin during those forming decades.

Roger Sherman’s father died when he was just a young man of twenty, and the responsible for his siblings and mother passed to him. He worked as a cobbler, surveyor, merchant and he was accepted to the Bar of Litchfield in 1754, and represented New Milford in the General Assembly the following year. He was appointed justice of the peace, and then four years later a justice of the Superior Court of Connecticut. By the age of forty, he had become a successful landowner and businessman, while also integrating himself into the social and political fabric of the New England region. He was then appointed commissary to the Connecticut Troops at the start of the Revolutionary War; this was experience that he later put to great use when he was elected to the Continental Congress in 1774. Sherman was a very active and much respected Delegate to the Congress. He served and numerous committees, including the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence. He served all through the war for Independence. As active as he was in Congress, he simultaneously fulfilled his other offices.

In 1776 these efforts began to take their toll on his health. Thus, he appealed to then his friend Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull to relieve him of his state duties, so that he could remain in US Congress through 1781. He left that office at the 1781, but returned in 1783 and 84, serving on the committee forming the "Articles of Confederation." His interests in the strength of the federation carried him through to the Constitutional Convention in 1785, where Sherman was one of the most vocal and persistent members. James Madison's notes from the convention credited Sherman with delivering one hundred and thirty-eight (138) speeches to the convention delegates.

Roger Sherman, who is now barely known to many American citizens, is the only American founding father to place his signature upon all of the great founding documents of our country; as well as aiding in the drafting of each of these documents; the Articles of Association in 1774; the Declaration of Independence in 1776; the Articles of Confederation in 1781 and the United States Constitution in 1788.

When the Constitutional Convention of 1787 became deadlocked over the matter of legislative voting, Roger Sherman put forth the proposal of "a proportion of suffrage in the first branch (the house) should be according to the respective numbers of free inhabitants, and that in the second branch (the senate) each state should have one vote," a system similar to one that he had advocated previously for; as a delegate to the Continental Congress in 1776. Sherman’s "Great Compromise" was adopted on July 16, 1787 by a vote of five states to four, and served to not only save the convention from ruin, but provided the stimulus to resolve additional issues that had yet to be decided.


Perhaps the most notable of Roger Sherman's personal characteristics was his strong and firm religious faith. He even opposed the appointment of his fellow Declaration signer, Gouverneur Morris, as the US Minister to France; believing that this high-living patriot was of an "irreligious nature." He even published works that demonstrated his deep interest in area of theology, including A Short Sermon on the Duty of Self-Examination Preparatory to Receiving the Lord's Supper (1789).

John Adams, himself an heir to the same tradition, described Sherman as "an old Puritan, as honest as an angel and as firm in the cause of American Independence as Mount Atlas." Thomas Jefferson once said of him: "That is Mr. Sherman of Connecticut, a man who has never said a foolish thing in his life."

Yet Sherman was one of the first to deny the supremacy of Parliament, stating that the British Parliament had no right to make laws for America. Sherman’s friends and colleagues on the Connecticut Superior Court; Chief Judge Jonathan Trumbull, Matthew Griswold and Eliphalet Dyer who all became influential members of the “Sons of Liberty” and/or the religious “New Lights” radicals that swept across Connecticut.

Sherman argued against the 3/5 provision, which recognized slaves as being only 3/5 of a person toward representation in the House. He also argued against the establishment of any one national religion, knowing that even in the late 1700s America was a country of great religious and spiritual diversity.

Roger Sherman's descendants continued in the footsteps of their famous grandfather, especially on the issues of great social change.


Roger Sherman Baldwin, (Rebecca Sherman 2, Roger Sherman 1) In 1790, Simeon Baldwin, who married two of Roger Sherman’s daughters, was one of the founders of the "Connecticut Society for the Promotion of Freedom and for the Relief of Persons unlawfully holden in Bondage . . . having with grief and abhorrence long beheld a considerable number of our fellow men groaning under the iron band of slavery . . . ."

Simeon’s son, Connecticut Governor and US Senator Roger Sherman Baldwin spoke out against the abuses of slavery from the floor of the United States Senate in denouncing the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. He reviewed the Amistad Slaves case that he won with then former US President John Quincy Adams, attacking the clause in the Fugitive Slave Act which simply accepted the word of a slave claimant without any recourse to judicial action to determine whether or not the fugitive was, in fact, a free individual. At the end of an immensely successful law career he was a Connecticut delegate to the National Peace Conference in Washington in 1861.

Source: Manchester, Mary E. "Baldwin, Roger Sherman." Dictionary of American Biography, Volume I. New York: Scribner's 1936.


Elizabeth Selden Rogers,(Charles Atwood White 4, Martha Sherman 3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman 1) of New York City, was the wife of a prominent thyroid specialist and was the daughter of a great-grandson of Roger Sherman. She was a civic reformer working to improve the New York public schools, and to also win suffrage for women in the state of New York first and later joining the national suffrage movement.

She was chairman of the Advisory Council of the National Women Party, and was one of the most forceful speakers in the "Prison Special" bus tour across the country; during which suffragists spoke of their experience in jail. Rogers was arrested on July 14, 1917 for picketing in front of the United States White House, and was sentenced to sixty (60) days in Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia; but she was quickly pardoned by US President Woodrow Wilson after just three (3) days.

Source: Doris Stevens, Jailed for Freedom (New York: Boni and Liveright, 1920), 367.


Prescott Townsend, (Kate Wendell Sherman 4, Edward Standish Sherman 3, Roger Sherman, Jr. 2, Roger Sherman 1) of Roxbury, Massachusetts, was arrested on 29 January 1943 for participating in an “unnatural and lascivious act.” He was sentenced to an eighteen (18) months jail term in the Massachusetts House of Corrections on Deer Island, although no one in his family applied pressure to shorten his jail time. The Mid-Town Journal headline of 29 January 1943 reported, "Beacon Hill 'Twilight' Man Member of Queer Love Cult Seduced Young Man" and one month later he was officially stricken from both the New York and Boston Social Registers.

Townsend is believed to have been the first individual to organize a public conversation about homosexuality, and the first acknowledged homosexual to address the Massachusetts State legislature, where he urged the lawmakers "to legalize love."

He opened the first art theater on Beacon Hill, and was a founder of the Provincetown Playhouse, where the works of Eugene O'Neil where first performed.

Townsend had for years been suffering from failing health brought on by Parkinson's Disease, and on 23 May 1973 his body was found in the Beacon Hill apartment of John Murray. Murray had been taking care of him during the final years of his life, and the police reported that "when we came in to take charge of the body, Mr. Townsend was found in a kneeling prayer position at his bedside." Of his entire family, only one sister, a nephew and a great nephew bothered to attend his memorial service at the Arlington Street Church.

Source:Randy Wicker, Early Boston gay advocate Prescott Townsend dies at 78, The Advocate, May 24, 1973, Issue 114, page 11.


Archibald Cox (Frances Bruen Perkins 5, Elizabeth Hoar Evarts 4, William Maxwell Evarts 3, Mehitabel Sherman 2, Roger Sherman 1) “Archibald Cox will be remembered for his uncompromising defense of the law against US President Richard M. Nixon during his impeachment trial. When his investigation revealed the existence of secret Oval Office audio tapes, he subpoenaed his boss to provide them.

At a Saturday afternoon news conference hours before Cox was fired, Cox insisted: ‘I'm certainly not out to get the president of the United States. . . . I decided I had to try to stick by what I thought was right." In a formal statement after his dismissal, he said simply that 'whether we shall continue to be a government of laws and not of men is now for the Congress and, ultimately, the American people to decide.’

After two appeals of the subpoenas were turned down, the president offered to give the US Senate and Cox written summaries of what was on the tapes. Cox turned down the deal. President Nixon then ordered US Attorney General Richardson to fire him. But the Richardson refused to fire his former Harvard law professor and cousin, as did Assistant Attorney General William Ruckelshaus. Nixon then turned to his solicitor general (future Supreme Court Justice candidate) Robert Bork, who was willing to carry out the President’s order. The event which will forever be known as 'the Saturday Night Massacre.'

He would later observe that ‘one of the important lessons of Watergate was that unless the government trusts the people and conducts itself in an honorable fashion, then the people won't trust the government. . . . The long-range aim of the Watergate investigation and prosecution was to show that the government could cleanse itself and be put in a shape that the people could trust."

Source: Bart Barnes, Watergate Prosecutor Faced Down the President, May 30, 2004; Page A01


Theodore Sherman Palmer (Henry Austin Palmer 5, Eliza Harriet Palmer 4, Maria Sherman 3, John Sherman 2, Roger Sherman 1) He was the first ornithologist within the U.S. Biological Survey of 1890 to 1896. He directs a five months forwarding in the Death Valley in 1891. He was a assistant chief 1896 to 1902, then of 1910 to 1914 attending in load of the hunting preserves of 1902 to 1910 and 1914 1916. Always in this same institution, he becomes expert for the conservation of game of 1916 to 1924, biologist of 1924 to 1928, then senior biologist of 1928 to 1933.

He was vice president of the American Society of Mammalogists since 1927, having declined, after election in 1933, to serve as president. Dr. Palmer was a corresponding member of several foreign ornithological societies, including the Ornithologische Gesellschaft, Bavaria, and the Royal Hungarian Institute of Ornithology, and is an honorary member of the Society for the Preservation of the Fauna of the Empire (London), the Transvaal Game Protective Society (South Africa), and the International Association of Game, Fish and Conservation Commissioners.

He is also a member of the American Bison Society, the Society of American Foresters, the National Parks Association, and many other scientific and conservation organizations. He was also a co-founder of the National Audubon Society.

Source: Biological Survey, W. L. MCATEE , 367-377

Note: The brother of Theodore Sherman Palmer's father Henry Austin Palmer, Ira Hart Palmer, married Harriet Trumbull. She was the daughter of Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull, Jr. (who was the son of Roger Sherman fellow judge on the Connecticut Superior Court and also a Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull, Sr.)


Evarts G. Loomis (Jane Herring Greene4, Mary Evarts3, Mehitabel Sherman2, Roger Sherman1) Loomis is known as the father of holistic medicine. A homeopathic physician of international renown, he was an advocate of holistic treatment of disease, natural foods, exercise, and meditation. Loomis was licensed to practice traditional medicine in 1946, but began early in his career to diverge from a quiet or dull practice. He has also been a proponent of regulated, monitored 24-36 hour fasts, touting the benefits of both the water fast and the all-juice fast.

Source: American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) - Loomis Bio

Note: Evarts Loomis' grandmother was Mary Evarts, a sister of former United States Secretary of State, Attorney General and Senator William Maxwell Evarts.

All of these descendants of our American founding father were as passionate in the own convictions, as Roger Sherman was about attaining freedom and democracy.

Would Roger Sherman have approved of, or even supported their many various causes and political pursuits? No one can truly say for sure, however, one could assume that he would have likely admired both their passion and drive.

So if you want to emulate our American Founding Fathers, get radical....stand up for the rights you have; or more importantly, the rights you deserve as American tax paying citizen and afforded to you under the United States Constitution!