Friday, September 10, 2004


I left New York City on Sunday, September 9th, 2001… on a United Airlines Boeing 757 bound for San Francisco. Several days later, four identical planes were hijacked and killed 43 of my friends, destroyed two icons of the city that was my home for the most powerful years of my life to date and forced me more powerfully than ever before to understand the extraordinarily beautiful life that I have created for myself. I have no means of accurately assessing the full impact that these events will have on my life at this time. By sharing what I have written here, I hope to forever transform the possibilities that exist in your life and mine.

Consider September 11th as a challenge to become the hijackers of your own life. Seize the controls and demand that your journey take you to extraordinarily beautiful places, that are filled with uniquely human joy and great personal triumph. Because I declare that those terrorists, who hijacked four airplanes and used them for the sole purpose of kill thousands of unprepared and innocent human civilians; dedicated their lives to nothing more than the possibility of massive death and destruction without any meaning! By not openly declaring the purpose for their actions, to the entire world, they have taught us only one tragic a life is when it stands for nothing at all!

I further declare that they were not martyrs, but fools! Fools who wasted the most precious gift of all, and for nothing more than little attention. I have chosen to fill the emptiness that this cowardly deeds left in my life, with my dreams and hopes of a gentle and more humane world for our future. A world where person that I come into contact with feels empowered to lead extraordinary life, and that we all learn to empower others to do so as well.


When will humans ever learn, that we will never be able to prevent acts of prejudice and violence? Prejudice and violence are as much a part of being humans as compassion and love. Every time a tragedy of the magnitude of those attacks occurs, we all stop and lament that the world will never be the same again. However, much of humanity exists with a fundamental denial... of the inescapable truth that; nothing, in all of existence, has ever remained the same… across even the smallest fractional increment of time.

We create constant pain for ourselves, because we choose to live in this denial. An essential part of mourning the loss of what we once had is that we must to embrace what we still have. We must look forward with hope to what has been made possible for our future, because of what we have learned and lost in our past.

Some we believe that someday we can put an end to war, that someday there will be no more pain and suffering to endure. Yet, these now appear to be inextricable parts of the very cycle of life itself. Life seems to require the occasional appearance of these random events, in order for life to exist at all. The very stability of the thing that we call life, is now dependent on the existence of many random instabilities. Yet every time there is significant and simultaneous change, particularly when the loss of many lives occurs in a single instant, (like natural disasters or the bombing of Pearl Harbor) we chose to mourn the change and we sometimes forget to embrace it as well. It is often an essential part of life itself and often a source of future growth.

In times like these, we struggle with the nature of these truths. We cannot easily accept things that come into existence without an easily assignable meaning. We fear that which is violent and ugly, yet much of what is beautiful about being humans, often arises out of that which is not beautiful in any way. This yin-yan cycle is the way all things work. It has always been so and it probably always will be.

Why did those human beings hijack four airplanes and then crash them? Why were these people such savages? Why must there be such violence in our world? Why did all of these people, who I loved so much, have to die on that day? Why was it happening to me? Why did it have to happen then? Why them? Why us? Why else? Why not?

We will never understand, comprehend, explain, prevent or alter the existence of such tragedies, like the one that took thousands of innocent lives that day. It is simply because it did.

It is said that every child falls from a state of grace and innocence, the moment when it first discovers that their emotions are linked to events in the world that surrounds them. Life is forever altered the very first time that a child asks its mother the question, Why? Why is it that each and every one of us refuses to listen and just accept what our mothers tell us? When they find their own way of telling us... in their own special ways, that sometimes “The answer is simply "Because.”

To my Mother I can finally say thank you, because I finally understand what you meant that first you said, “It is simply because it is"

It is said that “two wrongs do not make a right,” and I would say that is 100% correct. Because I believe that for every two (2) wrongs that come into existence, they are often viewed to two rights by others. For each thing that exists in this world as a wrong for one, normally exists as right for another and visa versa. Once again the ancient Chinese yin - yan emerges as the icon for life. However, can it ever be said, that taking something as precious as a human life…. could ever be right for another?

In their own minds, those men who America is today calling "terrorists” were in their minds very much right and justified in their actions… as they each believed that Americans where evil. They sacrificed their own lives, in the name of their own truths and the meanings they had created for themselves.

Many Americans appear to believe that American Government is right and justified in what its now doing, as a means of retaliation. As we now seeks out and these "terrorists" and their "weapons of mass destruction"....killing some innocent civilians in the process. Some now also call the individuals among us, who have given their lives in this pursuit.... a "war hero". Why, because they have given their lives to protect that which the American Government believes to be good and just. However, can a hero arise out of such death and destruction?

I urge you to take a stand for whoever you are, live your life as if each minute were your last, because we are reminded in times like these that it may very well be. So live your life with no regrets, and die leaving behind a world that will be forever better....simply because you were here. This, is how I have chosen to manage the tragedies that were and still are September the 11th, 2001.


Homeless Comic said...

Man is uncurably evil.

Onllwyn said...

I am just amazed at your passion and intellect. What a great blog. It goes on my list of favorites.