Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another Presidential Hiring Blunder?

First there was James Dale Guckert, who worked under the pseudonym Jeff Gannon, as a White House press reporter between 2003 and 2005 representing Talon News (owned by the owner of GOPUSA). After Guckert came under public scrutiny, in particular for his lack of a creditable journalism background and his "secret" involvement in his homosexual on-line escort service; using alias name of "Bulldog". Ultimately causing James D. Gukert AKA Jeff Gannon AKA Bulldog to resign the GOP friendly Talon News and the United States White House Press Corp one year ago today.

Then it was reported by TIME Magazine on September 9, 2005, that it had discovered serious inaccuracies and false claims within former FEMA Director Michael D. Brown's (former Undersecretary of Emergency Preparedness and Response (EP&R), a division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)) biography posted on FEMA's and FindLaw's websites.

Now a year to the day that James Dale Gukert AKA Jeff Gannon AKA Bulldog resigned from the White Press Corp, twenty-four year old George C. Deutsch has resigned from his presidential appointment as a public affairs officer at NASA. Apparently Monday's report from Nick Anthis' web blog “The Scientific Activist” proved that Deutsch had also lied on his resume, regarding having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Texas A&M University in 2003. Although Deutsch did attend Texas A&M, he left school in 2004 to work in the “War Room” within the Bush/Cheney reelection campaign.

For those not informed, Deutsch was also under fire recently for trying to squelch and/or alter research coming from NASA agencies. Specifically James Hansen (a NASA climatologist) had recently spoken out against Deutsch, claiming that he had silenced him after Dr. Hansen called upon the U.S. Government to face the scientific facts of global warming; further urging the US government "to make a serious, renewed commitment to the environment."

Under an administration that now wants to tap our phones without a warrant, and to gather a week's worth of web tracking data from Yahoo, AOL and Google...doesn't it seem just a little fishy that they're not even checking the college transcripts of their own employees. That an individual under a false name and with bogus credentials can get into the White House?

Now come America, is there really any wonder how this country got attacked on September 11th, 2001; or how we came to invade a sovereign nation as a result of false national intelligence gathering, or why the U.S. government did nothing as 10s of thousands of American died and Anderson Cooper reported the news from New Orleans.... as FEMA director Michael Brown ate his dinner and went to sleep in Washington D.C. during Hurricane Katrina?

My God America, this administration can not even keep idiots like this out of the the White House…ummmm wait a minute here; perhaps this is nothing more than a little case of the blind leading the blind?

SPECIAL NOTE: To demand an end to the unconstitutional censorship of American scientists, those working at NASA and other Federal agencies, please sign the Environmental Action petition.

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Dan Stafford said...

The unfortunate thing is that Deutsch is really just the tip of the iceberg - Hanesen points this out in todays NY Times - Basically, he's a symptom of a larger atmosphere of censorhip currently at work at NASA (and other Federal agencies).

To do something about it go here

It's an online petition to NASA demanding an end to censorship.