Thursday, May 11, 2006

Grandma’s Last Mother's Day Gift

On Mother's Day 1999 my mother had gone to church by herself. She was really missing my grandmother that day, who had only passed the previous February, and she so wished that she could just call her on the phone and wish her a happy Mother's Day. When she first arrived at the church she noticed, next to the alter, a vase full of carnations. During the Mass some children in the church came up to the alter, picked up a flower to took it back to their Mother.

However, my mother was thinking that she probably wouldn't be getting any flowers today, because she was there alone in church. Then she remembered how much she used to love when her own children would make her Mother's Day gifts at school and bring them home. However, sadly she knew that also wouldn't be happening either, as we're all grown up now... and her Mother's Day gifts are now all store bought.

After mass she left church and headed to the store. After she parked the car and became to cross the parking a woman she says, "was around your Grandmother age" came up to her and said, "I have something for you." Without even thinking Mom opened her hand, and the woman placed a double hibiscus flower into the palm of her hand (which was her favorite flower). To say the least Mom was stunned!! Still to this day she claims that she doesn't know who that woman in the parking was (maybe we do), and that she has never seen her again.

Later that day, my sister came over to bring Mom a Mother's Day gift. It was a small wooden box that she had decorated with my niece's Brownie Troop. On the top of the box she had cut out three small hearts, and had placed in pictures of her three children. On bottom of the box she had written "Moms are from the Heavens Above," and on both the front & sides of the box she had painted on tiny flowers. She had also given her a four page handmade card.

So that day she got her flowers and her handmade gift!! So I say, “thank you Grandma, for that last special gift to Mom” (the Hisbicus). Thank you to my sister, for helping to make it an extra special day!!

What started out to be horrible Mother's Day turned into a perfect one, and it will always be a treasured memory for our family. A memory that is so precious, that I am now sharing it with all of you.

Thank you God, for listening that day!! Because I now know that Grandma was!!

I love you Grandma, and I do miss you very much!!


Ed Mamer said...


A touching heartfelt share...thank you.

Anonymous said...

A powerful reminder that we should cherish our mothers and fathers when they are alive. Because when they're gone, all that's left are their memories.

Anonymous said...

Your a good son.I'm proud of you! Dad

Anonymous said...

You have brought back memories of the most dearest friend of my entire life, MY Grandmother.